How To Prepare Furniture For Storage

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How To Prepare Furniture For Storage

25 January 2018
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Storage units provide you with much needed space to store your furniture while you either redecorate your home or transfer the rest of your belongings to a new house. However, when moving your items into a storage unit, and even when leaving them in there, there is a distinct danger that your belongings will become damaged. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do during the moving process and after the items are in the actual unit to ensure that your furniture stays in the best condition possible until you remove it.

Take It Apart

The most important thing that you should do when preparing your furniture for storage is to break down every piece as much as possible so that things are easier to carry. This helps prevent injury and damage to individual pieces, since you won't have to worry about carrying heavy and bulky items. Be sure to keep all pieces together, including the nuts, screws, and bolts which will be needed to reassemble your pieces eventually.

Wrap It Up

You should also make sure to wrap up every piece of furniture that you can: this means using bubble wrap for table and chair legs, moving blankets around the edges of tables, and so on. This can help prevent minor structural damage and scratching from occurring, and it greatly reduces other forms of damage due to shifting while your items are in transportation. It's also important to note that covering your furniture in padding can help prevent dust and dirt buildup within the storage unit, reducing the amount of cleaning that you have to do later on.

Proper Storage

First, make sure that you cover the floor of your storage unit to prevent the concrete or tile from scratching the wood and fabric of your furniture. Second, make sure to load things in a way that they are easily accessible if you think that you'll need to enter the unit at any point. Thirdly, and most importantly, do not stack items up high or lean them on one another, as this greatly increases the risk of falling and damaging your items.

Climate-Controlled Units

Finally, you may want to consider renting a storage unit that has climate control capabilities. Such capabilities can help prevent moisture damage to your items while they are in storage, and they can also reduce the risk of damage caused by temperature fluctuations that can affect antiques and other fragile items. While a climate-controlled unit does represent an added expense, it is well worth the protection that it offers.

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