Multiple Moving Storage Units To Move Slowly In An Organized Fashion

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Multiple Moving Storage Units To Move Slowly In An Organized Fashion

2 May 2018
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Moving storage units make it possible for you to begin clearing out your house weeks or months before the date in which you're actually scheduled to move. Here, you'll find some information that can help you get your house cleared out so it can be properly staged for the market and eliminate much of the last minute stress that comes with moving.

Find the Moving Storage Unit

Well, you're going to need a moving storage unit, but what size will you need? Think about how much stuff you have to get moved to your new home. Do you want multiple moving storage units so that you can better stay organized? If you have a lot of stuff that you don't want to let go of, it's probably in your best interest to get at least two moving storage units – one for the stuff that almost never gets used and one for the stuff that you kind of use, but not often.

Start Clearing the House

If you've opted for multiple moving storage units, you'll want to begin clearing out the stuff that you almost never use – things like the keepsakes in the attic. Think about the all of the holiday decorations you have stuffed in your attic, basement or garage – will you be needing any of it before you get moved into your new home? If there's a chance that you'll still be in this house for the big holidays, it's probably best to either leave the holiday decorations, at least some of them, in the attic for a later date.

The first storage unit will contain the stuff that you will not need before you get settled into the new home. The second storage unit will contain the stuff that you'll need when you get moved into the new home, but won't miss until you get there and get settled.

Stay Organized

As you pack things up, take pictures of what you're packing and number the boxes as you pack them. Create yourself an inventory log on your computer or phone. You'll be able to refer to that log whenever you're trying to find something in particular. So, if you find out that you need a certain box of keepsakes before you're moved in, you can find out which storage unit it's in and what box without having to dig through and mess everything up in the process.

Your move doesn't have to take the life out of you. If you plan far ahead and begin working at a slow pace, you can get through it fairly easily. Start by talking with your local moving storage unit rental facilities to learn more about their leasing policies. For more information, contact a company like Acorn Self Service Storage.