Even With At-Home Pods, Self-Storage Is Still Relevant

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Even With At-Home Pods, Self-Storage Is Still Relevant

19 August 2020
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The options for storage have changed a bit over the past few years. Putting items in a storage unit that you rent monthly used to be the only real storage option. Now, customers have the option of renting a pod that sits in their own backyard. Pods have become quite common, and they do have their advantages. (It's really nice to know your things are right outside if you need them!) However, self-storage facilities are still really relevant and a better choice in some cases. Take a look at a few advantages that self-storage has over storage pods.

1. Better Security

While you could set up cameras to monitor your storage pod at home, this is minimally effective. A determined criminal could just smash the cameras or wear a disguise when robbing you. Storing your items at a self-storage facility is a lot more secure. Typically, these facilities have a locked gate, and they only let renters and other approved personnel through that gate. They also tend to have security guards on-site, and their security cameras are the really high-tech, professionally installed commercial type that are a lot harder for criminals to locate and destroy. If you're storing valuable items, a storage unit is a better choice.

2. More Space

Storage pods have to be small enough to fit in the back of a truck. Sure, you can rent two of them if you need extra space, but that gets expensive. You simply get more space when you rent a storage unit at a self-storage facility. This means you don't have to worry about throwing things away or donating them because you're out of storage space.

3. Climate Control

One thing that even nice storage pods don't have is climate control. This means that even if your items are protected from the wind and rain, they still face changes in temperature and humidity. That's not great for anything made from wood or leather. Storage facilities usually offer climate-controlled units where the temperature is kept around 70 -75, and the humidity is kept between 45 and 55. Your items are less likely to crack or become moldy in a storage unit versus a pod.

Storage pods do have their place, but they are not a replacement for storage units. At a traditional gated storage facility, you can get more security, additional space, and climate control for better protection of your items.

Reach out to a gated self-storage facility in your area to learn more.