Vital Things You Should Know About Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Units

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Vital Things You Should Know About Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Units

28 January 2022
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If you intend to store a number of high-value, sensitive, or delicate items in a storage facility, consider choosing a climate-controlled storage unit. This upgrade will cost you more than a standard unit, but in the long run, you will congratulate yourself for parting with the extra money to get the right unit. All your belongings will remain in pristine condition regardless of the storage period and the climatic conditions outdoors.

What's Climate-Controlled Self Storage?

These are storage units that feature temperature control, meaning they are heated and air-conditioned, depending on the weather conditions outdoors. This regulates heat and humidity in the unit, so the stored items don't get damaged or deteriorate during the storage period. Temperature-controlled storage units come in a wide range of sizes, so all you have to do is determine which unit size is suitable for your items.

Is It Expensive to Get a Climate-Controlled Unit?

Generally, renting a temperature-controlled unit will cost you more compared to a standard unit of the same size, even if they are in the same facility. This is because of the added cost of installing and maintaining the heating and/or cooling systems to ensure the temperature inside isn't too high or low. 

But, this doesn't mean that the price isn't affordable. So, once you choose the facility you prefer, compare the rates, and you'll notice that the extra amount you are paying for climate control is worth it.

What Items Qualify for Climate-Controlled Self Storage?

Knowing the key items that need to be kept in a temperature-controlled unit will assist you in making an informed decision when renting a storage unit. Some things that must be kept in such a unit include books, all forms of media records, antiques, artwork, mattresses, bedding materials, collectibles, bicycles, lace or leather clothing, and irreplaceable documents. 

Household appliances, furniture (wood, leather, metal, or upholstered), electronics, office equipment, medical supplies, musical instruments, and sporting equipment should also be placed in a climate-controlled unit.

What Are the Benefits of Temperature-Controlled Units?

Humidity and high-temperature levels cause damage to the stored items. For instance, high humidity creates moisture in books, paper, furniture, electronics, and clothing, leading to the formation of rust, mildew, and mold, damaging the items beyond repair. 

High temperatures also damage electronics, retail inventory, and pharmaceutical supplies. If you get a climate-controlled unit, you will ensure the stored items remain in good condition regardless of the storage period.