Are You Going To Be Weeks Or Months Between Houses? Know The Best Storage Options

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Are You Going To Be Weeks Or Months Between Houses? Know The Best Storage Options

30 June 2016
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If there is a time difference between the time you are selling your house, and moving into your new house, you may be worried about where you can put all your stuff. There are a few different affordable options that may work for your storage needs, depending on how much stuff you have and how long you need to have the items stored.

Moving Company Truck

Is a moving company doing the heavy lifting and all of the packing for you with the move? If so, they may be willing to store the items that you have them boxing and packing in their truck, until you can get into the new space. This is a short term storage option, and the company may charge by the day for the space that you take up in one of their vehicles.

Temporary Self-Storage Unit

If you may be out of a place to live for longer than a few weeks, a self-storage unit is probably best. Here are a few reasons why this choice is so convenient:

  • You can do short or long term lease options
  • Easily get in and out of your boxes and items with room in the storage space
  • Use a temperature controlled unit to avoid moisture caused by temperature fluctuation
  • Be the only person with access to the secured items that are stored

Tour a few different self-storage units in your area to see who has affordable rates, and clean and secure options you can choose.

Portable Storage Unit

Portable storage options are units that get dropped off on your property, and then you have a set amount of time to load them up. Once they are loaded they are picked up by the company and taken to your new home. If you can't get into your new home they can be stored at the business location, but it can be difficult to get in and out of the unit while you're between houses.

If you are crunched for time with your move and you know that you are going to be more than a couple days without being able to get into your new residence, you'll want to find a storage solution for all of your things. Get prices and restrictions with all these different storage choices to see what will be the most affordable pick, and what will work for the amount of time you need the storage. Storage unit companies, such as LoDo Self Storage & Moving Center, can provide more information.