Choosing A Self-Storage Facility For Doomsday Preparation

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Choosing A Self-Storage Facility For Doomsday Preparation

15 March 2018
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If you are preparing for a disaster and have come up with a list of things to purchase, then you will need a secure place to store the items. A self-storage facility is perfect for storing your doomsday provisions, but only if you choose the correct facility. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice:

It Should Not Be Far From Your House

If you are storing things in preparation or a disaster, you should be able to access them easily whenever you want. This may not be a problem in the absence of disaster, but it can be tricky during a disaster when the roads are blocked by fallen trees, the power is out in most areas, and there is floodwater all over the place. The closer your storage unit is the easier it will be to access; therefore, keep your doomsday supplies in a storage facility near your home.

The Stored Items Should be Easily Accessible

Accessibility for your items is not just about distance; even the arrangement of the items within the unit determines how easily you can grab something from the unit when you need it. This means you should not just throw the items in storage; arrange them using these tips:

·         Keep the items you are likely to need most or first at the front of the unit

·         Leave spaces between the boxes which you can use to access the back of the unit

·         Label the boxes for ease of identification

The Facility Should Be Properly Protected

There are many reasons for storing doomsday supplies in a storage facility, and one of them is that a storage facility may be more secure than your home. However, this will not be the case if you just pick a storage facility without due diligence. You need a secure self-storage facility where thieves or even looters will find it difficult to reach your unit. Your storage items should also be protected from nonhuman threats such as pests, flood, and temperature extremes, among others.

It Should Accept the Items You Wish To Store

Lastly, your chosen storage unit should accept the items you wish to store. Each self-storage facility has a list or category of things it will not accept, and they mostly include things like food, weapons, and explosives, among others. Therefore, consult the facilities in the area and know what you can and cannot store before renting a unit and buying supplies.