Prepare For Renting A Storage Unit By Getting The Right Items For Packing

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Prepare For Renting A Storage Unit By Getting The Right Items For Packing

20 August 2018
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When you rent a storage unit, you do not have to do anything special to store your belongings. Getting a set amount of space for storage means that you can put in items individually. But, you want to have a positive experience with renting a storage unit and accessing your items. To avoid accessibility issues, you should invest in packing solutions to make the unit neat and organized.

Vacuum Seal Bags

If you plan on storing clothes, pillows, bedding, or furniture covers, you should consider picking up vacuum seal bags before putting these items away. Compressing these items will prevent them from taking up so much space when you want to get the smallest storage unit possible.

To avoid poking any holes in these bags, which will lead to decompression, you should be careful with how you handle these bags at home, in your vehicle, and in the storage unit.

Furniture Covers

Putting furniture into a self storage space is tough because you must decide whether you want to put each piece in assembled or disassembled. Breaking a furniture piece down into a few pieces will make it easy to maneuver, but you will have an easier time protecting furniture while it is assembled.

For instance, you can buy a furniture cover for a couch and put it in fully assembled. You will also find it easier to put a furniture piece on top of a pallet to avoid dust buildup and water damage.

Bubble Wrap

When you need to store fragile items, you do not want to take any risks that could lead to damage in the future. A reliable bet is to use bubble wrap and tape so that you do not have to worry about the protection unraveling while you are putting these belongings into storage. While you could wrap delicate items in packing paper or clothing, these options leave less room for error. 


Although you may like the idea of getting boxes from various locations, this could lead to having a collection of boxes in all different sizes. While you may be able to stack certain boxes without a problem, you may have some complications with stacking the mismatched leftovers.

An easy solution is to buy a large enough box that you can use for almost anything, and get a lot of them. This way, you will not have a problem stacking any box that you put into storage.

Investing heavily into preparation will help you have a great experience with a storage rental.