Easy Ways To Keep Your Storage Unit Clutter Free

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Easy Ways To Keep Your Storage Unit Clutter Free

27 July 2023
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Many people turn to storage units to remove clutter from their homes. However, if they are not careful, the same clutter-producing habits can follow them to their storage unit. The unit should remain as organized and clutter-free as possible to get the most out of storage. Discover some of the steps you can take to achieve this goal.

Size According to Need

Budget is important, but avoid selecting a unit solely based on cost. Instead, You should select a unit based on the volume of items you need to store. If a unit is too small, you will likely have to scatter your items all over when you are looking for something specific. A large enough unit to accommodate your belongings and leave extra room for you to move around is ideal. A facility professional can help with your sizing concerns.

Move with a Plan

As you move your belongings into the storage unit, do so with a plan in mind. It would help if you aimed to store the items you are less likely to need in the back of the unit while placing the things you need to access more regularly in the front. With this arrangement, you will have to move around your items less when you need to remove or replace anything.

Choose the Right Location

If you have to go up multiple levels or walk far to get to and from your unit, you will likely be too tired to worry about keeping your unit organized. If you are someone who will need to access your unit more readily, it is best to choose a unit that is located as nearest to a door as possible so that it is easier to access your unit. 

Label Everything

Before taking any items from your home to the storage unit, ensure it is labeled. Instead of a general label, such as kitchen, be as specific as possible and label based on the contents, such as mixing bowls. The more precise you are with the labeling of your belongings, not only will you be less likely to open a bunch of boxes unnecessarily, but you will also be able to retrieve what you are looking for in a much shorter amount of time, which is equally helpful. 

Make sure you follow these tips to keep your storage unit organized, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to speak with a storage facility professional for assistance.