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Keeping Your Unit Clean

When I found out that I would be working in another country for a few years, I realized that I didn't want to haul all of my things with me on the road. I decided to rent a storage unit, but I had no idea how to keep my things pristine while they were in storage. The first time I rented a unit, I returned to find my things covered in dust, which created a lot of extra work. This website is here to help other homeowners to keep their things clean while they are in storage, so that you don't have to worry about extra trouble.

Rent A Storage Unit To Improve Your Vacation Rental’s Success

29 April 2022
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Running a vacation rental requires consistent time and effort because you must communicate with guests, answer questions, and prepare the property between stays. Currently, you may store for the rental in your own home or in dedicated storage spaces within the vacation rental. The issue with these two options is that it limits your storage potential and capacity. A great solution is to rent a storage unit because it can help improve your success in various ways. Read More …

Vital Things You Should Know About Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Units

28 January 2022
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If you intend to store a number of high-value, sensitive, or delicate items in a storage facility, consider choosing a climate-controlled storage unit. This upgrade will cost you more than a standard unit, but in the long run, you will congratulate yourself for parting with the extra money to get the right unit. All your belongings will remain in pristine condition regardless of the storage period and the climatic conditions outdoors. Read More …